Membership Golf Leagues

Monday AM - Senior Men League (18 holes)
Tuesday AM - Ladies League (18 holes)
Wednesday PM - Mens' League (9 or 18 holes)
Friday AM - Senior Mixed League (18 holes)
Friday PM - Mixed League (9 or 18 holes)

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Senior Men League: 
The Senior Men’s League is our biggest league at the Club with approximately 120 golfers age 50 and above.  Monday is the official day for this league. Every week a draw sheet is made up and emailed out to determine everyone’s tee time. You can sign up for early or late to accommodate your schedule. The first tee time, when in full/prime season is at 7:30 AM and ends approximately around 10:30AM . Each week a different game is played and teams try to be made based on handicaps to make it fair for every team. Also the draw sheet will sort the players so you will play with different men throughout the year. Wednesday morning is also dedicated to the Senior Men’s League where you sign up either in the Pro Shop or online and the men play for cleaners.  The last Wednesday of every month there is a modified “Shotgun” (scramble) in the morning followed by a lunch. This is a fun event each month where prizes and presentations are given out by the Captain of the League including an Octogenarian Prize handed out to the 80 year old or plus golfer who registers the lowest net score that month, but it can only be won once during a season.

Ladies League:
The ladies league is every Tuesday morning starting at 7:30am in the height of the summer and goes until about 9:30am.  It is an 18 hole league with approximately 40 ladies participating.  Every week there is a special game and groups are determined based on a random draw done the week before.  There are also some fun days throughout the season where modified shotguns followed by a lunch will take place.  This is a great fun bunch of ladies who stay after for lunch and socialization. 
Mens League:
The Mens league takes place every Wednesday night with an 18 hole option starting at 2:30pm and a 9 hole option available anywhere from 4:30pm to 5:30 pm as long as others who play in the league are available to team up with.  Each week an individual game is played and cleaners and closest to the pins are awarded as well as having tournament days mixed in.  This league is a more competitive league, quality of players is based on handicap and tournament play is broken up into flights.  There are approximately 50 men is this league who stay after for dinner specials, and a prize presentation.

Senior Mixed League:
This league is where men and women play together, either as a couple/spouses/friend team every Friday morning starting at 8:00am.  There is approximately 30 couples who play in this league.  This is a very fun league where different games are played throughout the season and prizes awarded.  Most couples stay after for a nice late breakfast or lunch following golfing.

Mixed League:
Every Friday night is dedicated to our mixed league of approximately 20 couples who can either play 18 holes of golf starting at 2:30pm or 9 holes of golf starting around 4:30pm.  Every week a fun game is played followed by a nice dinner with specials offered every week. Five Saturdays throughout the year there are tournaments starting at noon followed by a nice dinner in our dining room.  Some of their events are theme nights, some are bring a guest day, lots of fun for everyone!